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We offer a wide range of services to meet your needs, whether personal or corporate. Entrust your accounting and tax planning to our team of expert professionals so you can focus on developing new ideas, expanding clients and growing your business. Free your time and leave the details to us.

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Business Advisory Services

Our Virtual CFO/Controller Services makes your life easier by freeing your time so you can run your company while we focus on managing your financial operations. This service can range from hiring and managing staff for the finance and administrative departments of your company to collection of your customer receivables; from approving payments of vendor invoices to regular meetings with company executives to report on the financial aspects of the company.

We also have expertise in assisting with obtaining financing, buying or selling assets of a company, preparing a business plan for a new venture, or entering new customer markets.

Accounting Services


We provide bookkeeping assistance and full-service bookkeeping...

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...such as setting up a new set of books on software of your choice, billing, accounts receivable and cash management, accounts payable, payroll, internal controls, and preparation and filing of government remittances.

Our services are tailored to suit your specific needs, so that you get the most value for your money. Additionally, we offer cloud-based bookkeeping solutions. This means you can be mobile while keeping pace with the needs of your business by accessing your essential information anywhere in the world.


Financial Statement Preparation

“What gets measured gets managed.” An important aspect of maintaining a successful business is seeing the results of your work, and planning into the future...

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Knowing what you have earned in the past year and what you plan to earn in the future are critical financial metrics.

We take the details from your books and create a comprehensive financial picture for your business. This also forms the backbone for the numbers that go into your tax return.


Financial Reporting

We can also prepare any type of financial report you need...

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...such as cash flow forecasting for managing your business, a report to provide for financing, or create a snapshot of your business at a particular point in time.


Tax Services

Corporate Taxes

We provide preparation and filing of corporate tax returns, as well as tax planning...

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...for the owner/manager, with a focus on how to transfer corporate wealth to the shareholders in the most tax-effective way.

We also help the business owner evaluate and decide upon the proper time for an unincorporated business to become incorporated, and we can help to set up the new corporation to achieve future financial successes.


Federal & Quebec Personal Taxes

It is never the wrong time to tax plan for a more secure future for yourself and family...

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As experts in taxes and accounting, we take the stress out of completing your taxes. We prepare and file Federal and Quebec personal taxes and, with our long-standing knowledge, we are there to help you navigate the complexities of tax rules. We can also help you with assessments, or handle requests or audits from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).


US Personal Taxes

We are in a unique position of being able to offer the preparation and filing of U.S. personal taxes for U.S. citizens and Canadians who have U.S. filing obligations.

Estate & Final Returns

In your time of loss, our team is here to help you navigate the process of preparing and filing a deceased person’s final and estate tax returns. Lean on our expertise in order to remove the stressful complexity of finances in the midst of an already-difficult time.


We provide services to prepare the related distributions for and the preparation and filing of trust tax returns.

Sales Taxes

We help our business owners navigate the quagmire of rules governing the sales taxes, such as GST, HST and QST.

We also provide services to prepare and file the monthly, quarterly or annual sales taxes to the government.

Government Tax Slips

We offer a tax slip preparation and filing service to take care of government reporting requirements, such as for T4, T4A, T5, and T5018 filings.